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Database - Gathering of Documents

The database and the records of the documents gathered so far providing the basis of the Project have been organised as the first step towards the launch of the website of the ARCK in december this year.
The documents in the database are currently under the processes of revision and translation by experts within the Project that are going to be the professional foundation of the mission of the Project and the website.

Source: Gordius Learning Ltd.

Among others, the documents involve topics such as:
  • criteria of evaluation
  • professional symbolic writings
  • long-term training processes
  • the key factors of the continuance of the applicable methods
  • demonstration of the system and requirements of acrobatic elements
With the help of international experts and the access to the shared knowledge provided by them, paired with the use and availability of contemporary, up-to-date and relevant literature is the key to the success of the RockINEurope Project and its mission.
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